Operation: Villanova

“We have a critical situation on our hands...”

Says the captain of the AFB.

“Multiple enemy forces are coming this way, several squadron of bomber escorted by fighter.

Are entering our airspace also several transport plane parachuting enemy tank.

Take down those enemy plane, and destroy the enemy ground troops.

Today we have a new rookie, Hector Neeleman, codename 'Mailman'.


I climb into the Hawk. There's not a moment to be lost. I can already hear the engine noises of the enemies far off in the distance as I put my helmet on. I go through the startup checklist, flicking the switches to turn the engine generator on. The lights and radio are turned on, and I tune the control tower.

"Tower, Mailman." I call.

"Mailman, we see you. Cleared to take off, runway 36. Stay on this frequency. Good luck, nugget!"

I start the engine, and it spools to life. I dial in the correct IFF system, and do a once over of my armaments. The flaps and airbrakes are lowered as I taxi to runway 36.

Then I see a bomber headed to my aircraft.

I slam the throttle, and rotate at one hundred and sixty knots. The gear, flaps, and airbrakes go up.

“AWACS Skyhammer to all units in this frequency, report in.”

The AWACS says at the radio.

“This is Viper 1, Viper squadron is just took off.”

“ Foulke 1 here. I'm searching for some action.”

Somebody say at the radio.

“Enemy squadron of bomber is crossing the border, altitude 6000. You are authorize to attack the enemy, watch out for the enemy fighter.”

With one hand on my control stick, I grab my mask and bring it to my face.

"Mailman, checking in. I copy order to engage."

Then I see the fighter headed to me. I jerk the stick to the left and slightly towards myself. The plane rolls over and points to the ground. Immediately, I am turned over and pointed down. I hope that the fighter has passed me as I point the stick to the control panel sharply and slam the throttle. The weight on my head and being pushed into my seat is incredible. I turn over. I decide that I have no advantage here, so I decide to climb for a better view. I push the button to turn on the radar, and I see a group of dots near the edge of the map. These must be the bombers. I descend and fly nap-of-the-earth, being careful not to be engaged. I also advance the throttle to hit 500 knots.

"Here Foulke 1, I turn to the XLAA..." Somebody say, a F-14 while is approching to the enemy.

"Roger that." Say the Viper 2.

"Watch out nugget, enemy fighter inbout in your direction." Say the AWACS while 4 SU-27 approching at high speed.