"Calm down people."
Says the captain of the base starting the briefing.
"We have a great air battle over Dresdene ...
We are trying to establish air superiority.
We have already lost 30% of our air forces, now we are sending the last pilots we have into battle.
In support we send Foulke 1, Tiger 1, 2 and 3 and the rookie, Scythe 4.
Be careful out there people ... We deal with many squadron of long-range interceptors and fighter.
You can go. " (Now you have to talk about how you prepare for the mission and your plane ... and your take-off.)

2nd Lt. Washington grabbed his flight helmet as he stepped out onto the tarmac of the recently captured Murska Air Base. His Hawk T.1 was waiting for him. The ground crews were fitting it with a full load of AIM-9M Sidewinders. As the ground crews finished he climbed into his aircraft and started the engines.

"Scythe 4 this is tower. You are cleared to taxi to runway 1R. Fall in behind Tiger flight."

Washington manuevered his Hawk behind Tiger 3's F-16C. He looked over towards the runway as Foulke 1's F-14D rocketed down the strip. Tiger flight was soon to follow.

"Scythe 4, you are cleared for take off."

Washington pushed forward on the throttle as his Hawk rushed down the runway and into the sky.

"This is AWACS White Eye, to all units, report." The AWACS says at the radio.

"This is Foulke 1, searching for action..." Somebody says.

"Here Tiger squadron, ready for the battle..." Some other says...

"We have already lost the 30% of our forces for the long range attacks, be careful." The AWACS says.

"4 bogies approaching at high speed, looks like 4 MIG-31M..." Foulke 1 says.

(Now you have to choose how to attack the enemys)

"This is Scythe 4, roger that. I'm on it. I'll have to draw them down to lower altitude."

Scythe 4 nosed his Hawk down, dropping his altitude to just below 1,000 feet AGL. There was now a several thousand feet difference between him and the MiG-31M's. Any missiles fired by the MiG's would have trouble hitting him thanks to the poor angle. The MiG's began following him down, losing much of there speed. Here Scythe 4's Hawk had the advantage. Much lighter and nimbler than the behemoth Foxhounds, he quickly managed manuever behind the enemy flight. He heard a growling tone from his Sidewinders as he lined up the bandits.

Good night! "Fox 2, Fox 2! Guns!" he shouted as he ripple-launched his four Sidewinder's, followed shortly by bursts from his 30mm ADEN cannon.

"2 other enemies are coming. They are preparing Long range air to air missiles." The AWACS says while one of the 2 new MIG are lunching two missiles. "Good shot, enemy hit." Foulke 1 says while your gun bullet hit the enemy aircraft making him loosing a engine while your missile miss the interceptor...