Choker one

Difficulty: expert

“We have to cut the briefing shortly...”

The general says to me.

“Some enemy fighter are entering the airspace B7R, you must stop it. You have to engage some enemy aerial squadron....

You'll counter a allied fighter squadron.



I walk out of the briefing room heading to the hangar 3B, I take my helmet and my flight suit.

I get in my fighter checking my weapons turning on the central PC.

GUN: Ready

Missile: Ready

Advanced Air to Air Medium Range: Ready

The doors are opening and I exit from the hangar while I'm calling the control tower.

“This is Foulke 1, I'm ready, Clear for take off?”

“Control tower here, clear for take off.”

I push down the throttle and I take off in few meters.

“Altitude restriction canceled, return to your mission. Good Luck Foulke 1”

“Thank you control tower.”


You were entering the airspace B7R while the AWACS contact you.

“This is the AWACS Auge im Himmel, There is 6 enemy fighter approaching at delta formation... Watch out for air to air fire.”

He says while 6 contacts appear on the radar.

“Two additional aircraft is approaching at B7R, eta 10 minutes. Beginning scanning of the two additional plane.”

Says while your HUD ,ark the 6 aircraft as SU-27.


I arm my special weapon and I look on 4 of the 6 plane.

“FOX 3! FOX 3!”

I scream at the radio while I fire the XMAA missiles.

I turn again to the normal missiles and Ic ontinue to coming closer to the enemys, lookinkg at the radar.

“AWACS, stay alert for enemy missiles...”

A enemy icon on the radar disappear. "A enemy is shotdown. The other 3 enemy evade the missiles." The AWACS says to me.

Two enemy look onto me with standard Air to air missiles... And suddenly fire... "Watch out James!"

I dodge left trying to evade the missiles.

"Fuck" I say.

And after I try to follow one of the SU-27 opening fire with the gun.